Vision, Mission and Values

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Our Vision

We imagine a world where ambitious women professionals are equipped with the right support, knowledge and strategies to enable them to reach their full potential and create the career and life they love.

Our Mission

Splash Strategy was founded with an ambitious spirit and a purpose-driven mission - to empower ambitious women professionals to advance and accelerate their careers and have a fulfilling and meaningful impact through practical and results-driven training, coaching and mentoring.

Our Core Values


We believe that the impact we make on the world is greater when we come from a place that is true to our core purpose, values, strengths and passions. Be real, be vulnerable, be confident, be you!


We believe that when people clearly understand who they are, the direction they want to go and how they will get there, they perform better at work and at home and are generally healthier and fulfilled across all areas of their life. To be extraordinary, you must plan for it!


We believe that strong relationships with ourselves and others fuel our drive and help us achieve the results we desire. We become inspired and motivated when we are connected to like-minded people (friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, community members). Choose your connections wisely!