Part 1: Top Skills and Attributes to Master when Enhancing Your Competitive Edge

Top Skills and Attributes to Master when Enhancing Your Competitive Edge

A competitive edge, also known as a competitive advantage, is defined as a condition or circumstance that puts a company in a favorable or superior business position (Dictionary.com). Applying that definition to people, Splash Strategy views a competitive edge as a set of intentional skills and attributes that when developed leads an individual to achieve high performance, differentiation from peers and accelerated career progression. 

When you think about a person with a competitive edge, who comes to mind? What are the skills and attributes that this person possesses? What do they do different than the average person?

We informally asked these questions to women and men in senior leadership positions (Director and above) and identified common trends in their responses which provides insight into some of the key characteristics to master when building a competitive edge.

According to those surveyed, individuals who have a competitive edge were perceived to:

  • Have a high level of confidence in who they are
  • Be widely known and stand out from the crowd
  • Know what they want and take focused action to get it
  • Play an influential role in the workplace, with an innate ability to change the way people think and behave
  • Have a proven track record in providing value and deliver high quality outputs over the long-term
  • Play an essential role in identifying, understanding and solving important/urgent business problems
  • Have a diverse professional network
  • Be adaptable to change
  • Have relentless focus around their key priorities
  • Have a high level of self-awareness and fulfillment across all areas of their life
  • Take on new opportunities to grow and continuously improve their skills/relationships

Of all the skills and attributes listed above, how many do you believe your professional network would use to describe you today? Which attributes would you like to improve on?

Making improvements to any of the skills and attributes above can positively impact the quality of your performance and the value you bring to your organization and in turn help to optimize and accelerate your career progression.

Stay tuned for Part 2 on July 10th:  5 Steps to Enhance your Competitive Edge and Accelerate your Career Progression