The Simple Secret to Inspiring Action and Leading Your Team to Greatness

The Simple Secret to Inspiring Action and Leading Your Team to Greatness

You are only as great as your team. As a leader, you will work with many types of people and your job is to set the bar and motivate your team to perform.

What can you do to tap into the potential of your team to inspire them to work at their best everyday?

We asked this question to a retired CEO and trusted business advisor and his response was surprisingly simple. He said one word… “Care”.

Genuinely caring about your team and treating them as more than just employees drives increased engagement, stronger relationships and improved performance. By taking the time to show your team that you care about them, they in turn are more likely to care about you and go that extra mile.

Caring is simple, yet powerful…

  • If a team member has done a good job, tell them. Communicate how their work is making a difference.
  • Walk around once in a while with no objective other than to be present and interact with your team.
  • Call team members by their name when you say hello as you pass them in the hallway or elevator.
  • Get to know your team beyond their job and work related responsibilities. Try asking questions about their family, interests, dreams and non-work related activities that light them up.
  • Give time to your team and be open to listening to their ideas and challenges.

It is easy to forget the importance of our work relationships in the midst of busy calendars and growing task lists. Sometimes, all it takes is going back to the basics to have the greatest impact as a leader. When you make the effort to show your team you care, powerful things will happen. Try it for yourself.

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