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Empowering ambitious women professionals to advance and accelerate their careers and have a fulfilling and meaningful impact

Kate works with individuals and corporate clients to develop and deliver programming in the areas of Career Advancement and Leadership Development. The programming focuses on 3 key learning modalities:

  1. 1:1 Coaching

  2. In-Person Group Training

  3. Masterminds

1:1 Career Advancement & Leadership Coaching

As a passionate career advancement and leadership coach, Kate helps ambitious women OWN, PLAN and LOVE their career progression and understand who they are, what they want and how they will get what they want. Kate empowers women to overcome feelings of stagnation, self-doubt and overwhelm to become confident changemakers who work, play and lead in alignment with their core values, passions and goals.

Through practical and results-driven 1:1 coaching, Kate works with ambitious women professionals at every leadership level and across all industries to bring them one step closer to reaching their goals and dreams.


Common coaching conversations include:

  • Career Planning and Advancement Strategies

  • Managing Career Transitions

  • Powerful Goal & Priority Setting

  • Establishing a Manageable Workload

  • Building a Success Mindset

  • Tackling Self Doubt and Removing Negative Beliefs

  • Increasing your Confidence

  • Asking for What you Want

  • Increasing your Political Savviness and Learning How to be Successful in your Current Environment

  • Enhancing your Visibility and Influence

  • Using your Personal Brand as a Professional Asset

  • Addressing Performance Issues

  • Building a Strong Network

  • Finding & Attracting Mentors, Sponsors and Allies

  • Dealing with Difficult People

  • Mastering Productivity to Stay Focused and Deepen your Impact

In-Person Group Training

Through customized and interactive training workshops, Kate equips teams with practical strategies and tools they can put into action immediately to work at their best and offer greater value to the company and the customers they serve. Workshops are conducted to groups of all sizes.


In-person programs include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Take Control, Stand Out and Accelerate Your Career: A Workshop for ambitious women who want to OWN, PLAN and LOVE their career progression and create a career and a life they love.

  • Productivity + Inner Peace: A workshop for ambitious women who want to get sh*t down without losing their minds.

  • A Personal Brand as a Professional Asset: A workshop for professionals who want to build a powerful personal brand and use it as a vehicle to achieve their goals and dreams.

  • Catapult your Career: A workshop for ambitious women who want insight into the common reasons why competent people are passed over for promotions and strategies on how to avoid them.

  • Visibility is Opportunity: A workshop for ambitious women who want to enhance their competitive edge by increasing their visibility in the eyes of leaders and influencers.

  • Common Career Roadblocks and How to Crush them: A workshop for ambitious women who want insight into the five common career roadblocks and learn practical strategies on how to manage them.

Invest in your People and Experience the Rewards


“Most of us are in our jobs or get hired because we are capable of completing the tasks we are given, meet our deliverables and make our employers money.  What Kate can do is show you how you can bring the best out in you and become a top performer and be the top earner for your clients/employer.  Her delivery is dynamic and fun and I highly recommend that if you are serious about self improvement and taking your game to the next level, then you are ready to get “Splashed”” - Sunny Periera, Robert Half

“I felt Kate had very good energy and was very even keeled when dealing with the different personalities in the room during our group sessions.  I felt that a lot of the exercises during our time with Kate were very self reflective and left me pensive about my actions and plan to execute my goals.  The entire process strengthened my self awareness.” - Marcela Casullo, Robert Half

“I approached Kate Campbell of Splash Strategy to speak at a women’s mentorship program about leadership skills. Kate helped me by providing a very well thought out presentation on how to secure and improve your career trajectory. The presentation was done as part of a Women in Leadership mentorship program and is one of the many subject areas that members expressed an interest in. The result was a very engaged group of women asking lots of questions, but also following the session I received comments on how the program resonated with them on a personal level.There are many things I like about Kate – her engaging and warm style but also her strategic approach to many of the issues women face as leaders.  She has been there, done it and lives to share the lesson. I have found the experience of working with Kate to be rewarding and stimulating. I would recommend Kate Campbell of Splash Strategy to people who want to optimize their potential and enhance their career development.” - Tricia Ryan, Women in Leadership


Kate facilitates in-person masterminds in Toronto, Ontario, that bring together ambitious women on a monthly basis to reflect, connect and grow.

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A Mastermind...

  • Is a form of peer coaching and mentoring

  • Helps support your growth by leveraging the collective brain power of the group to test ideas and receive peer advice on your personal or professional questions

  • Facilitated to ensure that each participant gets their fair share of time

Meet and learn from like-minded women who are as serious about success as you are!

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