About the eBook

Are you an ambitious professional looking to get promoted or reach the next level of your career? Do you want to achieve growth within your company or elsewhere but are failing to see the results you desire?  Finding it difficult to gain exposure and credibility amongst influencers and senior leadership? Business strategy and leadership expert, Kate Campbell, shares practical strategies to accelerate your career progression that will bring you closer to living your dreams.

This book is designed to help you take control, stand out and accelerate your career progression. When you take responsibility for what’s in your control, create a strategic plan and be adaptable to change as you execute and are mindful of your level of fulfillment throughout your career journey, you will be more productive, more satisfied, more confident, and ultimately, more successful.   

One thing is inevitable in your career journey, you will experience roadblocks and challenges along the way. This this book offers some solutions to help you successfully navigate some common career roadblocks and as a result, become a better problem solver, get noticed and move closer to reaching your career goals and living the life you imagined.

Life is short. We have a limited amount of time to leave our mark and authentic splash on the world, so make it count!

About the Author

Kate Campbell, MPH NLP   Coach | Facilitator | Speaker | Author

Kate Campbell, MPH NLP

Coach | Facilitator | Speaker | Author

Toronto-based career advancement and leadership coach helping ambitious women professionals strategically advance and accelerate their career progression and have a fulfilling and meaningful impact. After years of working in a successful international corporate career with a Fortune 500 company, Kate launched a purpose driven coaching business, Splash Strategy, focused on implementing a holistic bottom up approach to developing women leaders of tomorrow. As a passionate career advancement and leadership coach, Kate helps women understand who they are, what they want and how they will get what they want. She empowers women to overcome feelings of stagnation and self-doubt to become confident changemakers who work, play and lead in alignment with their core values, passions and goals.